Carmella’s Breakfast   110

Two eggs, streaky bacon, pork sausages, oven roasted tomato, sautéed mushrooms & ciabatta


Traditional Omelette   110

Served with a choice of 3 fillings, oven roasted tomato & ciabatta

  • Mince  

  • Cheese mix 

  • Feta 

  • Ham  

  • Bacon  

  • Mushrooms


High Protein   110

Two eggs, streaky bacon, pork sausages, Middle Eastern baked beans & veggie crisps


The Greek   89

Fried halloumi, streaky bacon, lemon wedge & ciabatta


Curry Mince   89

Toasted rye, curry mince, two eggs & rosa tomatoes


French Toast    99

Ciabatta soaked in egg & cream, pan fried in butter, bananas, streaky bacon & syrup


Salmon & Créme Fraíche Scrambled   110

Scrambled eggs, créme fraíche, chives, smoked salmon, rye & lemon wedge


Deed Fried Bacon   110

Two slices of ciabatta dipped in egg, fried & filled with streaky bacon, feta, avo & smoked mayo


Herbed Mushrooms on Toast   79

Rye toast, herbed mushrooms in béchamel sauce, basil pesto & wild rocket


Mini   55

One egg, streaky bacon OR pork sausages, roasted tomato & ciabatta 


Mini Veg   55

Scrambled egg, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes & ciabatta 

Smash It

The Original   99

 Herbed cream cheese, red onion pickle, smashed avo, poached eggs & ciabatta


Green Eggs and Ham   99

Wilted spinach, gypsy ham, smashed avo, poached eggs & ciabatta


Halloumi   99

Halloumi, roasted balsamic tomatoes, smashed avo & poached eggs

Breakfast Bowls

Avo   99

Roasted balsamic tomatoes, quinoa & bulgur wheat, baby spinach, smashed avo & poached eggs


Bean Bowl (Vegan)   99

Mushrooms, rosa tomato, health bread, basil leaves, cauliflower, vegan pesto & mixed beans

Maple Bacon & Dukkha Eggs   99

Poached eggs, maple bacon, feta, avo, roasted baby tomatoes, Dukkha spice & ciabatta toast


Vegan   99

Mushrooms, avo, Middle Eastern bean mix, mini pitas, snap peas, beetroot relish & hummus

Eggs Benedict

Poached eggs, English muffin, roasted cherry tomatoes & Hollandaise sauce & a choice of;   99

  • Bacon  

  • Spinach & mushroom  

  • Salmon  

  • Halloumi 

Muesli, Oats and Fruit

Paw Paw Bowl   99

Paw paw, Greek yoghurt & flaked almonds


Fruit Salad   99

Seasoned fresh fruits, Greek yoghurt & pecan nuts


Munch & Crunch   99

Signature Muesli, Greek yoghurt & seasonal fruits


Coconut Porridge   99

Oats & quinoa in coconut milk, peanut butter, apple slices & coconut flakes


Whole Oat   99

Oat porridge, seeds & nuts mix, banana & coconut 

Breakfast Jaffles

Toasted white bread served with veggie crisps & a poached egg


Braai Broodtjie   79

Tomato, cheese mix, onion & chutney


Curry Mince   79

Curry mince & cheese mix

Loaded Toast

Choice of ciabatta, rye or whole wheat


Single Lonely   35

An egg on a slice of toast


Double Lonely   45

Two eggs on two slices of toast


Peanut Butter   45

Peanut butter, honey & banana slices


Anchovie Toast   49

Anchovie paste & sliced tomatoes


Avo Toast   49

Avo & sliced tomatoes


. French Toast Soldiers   69

. Toasted Cheese & Chips   69

. Toasted Ham, Cheese & Chips   69

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